Can You Learn Makeup Online?

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As a celebrity/ TV makeup artist I often get asked is it really possible to learn self-makeup online.

I'm going to explain why you may not have been able to so far and how you absolutely can learn online!

The amount of times I've had someone say "But I need you to show me!" as if me showing them online isn't showing them.  

This probably comes from the idea that many women have watched countless videos on YouTube or other socials and still can’t get the results they were hoping for.

I imagine that's very disheartening and frustrating.

Some of them even say terribly things about themselves, that are simply not true.

I’ve had clients say things like “I’m just no good at makeup” “I’m just really stupid when it comes to makeup”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

See the problem is not the fact of whether it's online or not. That’s got nothing to do with it.  

It’s what is being taught and how.


What looks beautiful on one person can be terribly unflattering for another.  

We all have completely different features and bone structure and skin color and eye color, and skin types, not to mention personal style, and lifestyle.

So, simply demonstrating how to apply a certain step of makeup can completely send someone off course.

Not only that, even if by coincidence, if it happened to match our personal features, so much makeup success depends on what is done before and after that step... along with an understanding of blending techniques, brushes, etc.

A knowledge of the basics, in other words.

Also, what looks beautiful on a tiny phone screen, can be wayyyyyy too much and too scary in real life.

Then there’s the fact of lighting, and filters, and cameras, that completely alter (ah em, flatter) the look of the makeup that we see online, even further.

And since...what is darker than our skin has a certain result, and what is lighter than our skin has a certain result… and we all have different skin color... it further means what looks good on another person can create a completely unwanted result ourselves.

To add to this, makeup looks completely different under different lighting.  Did you ever see yourself in a different mirror and think “OMG 😱 That’s not the makeup I did at home!” 

So there’s a million gazillion reasons why someone may not have success following the gurus online.  Even when the gurus are extremely gifted at their own makeup.

In my experience, this makes women sooooo confused!

Throw in a trip to the makeup store, with the whirlwind of people and noise and thousands upon thousands of products - all calling out to you to buy them…  very overwhelming.

Think about it.  Since day dot, we’ve been seeing magazines, cosmetic companies, social media, advertisements sell us this idea that if we only master this latest secret/ hack/ product… we're going to finally find the miracle we’ve been searching for all our lives and our makeup is finally going to look as we want it to.

But when we try it… and it doesn’t work, we think there must just be something wrong with us - that we’re just not pretty enough, or perfect enough, or we’re doing it wrong…


We’ve been sold a lie!

I can tell you, as a highly sought after makeup artist to celebrities and stars, every woman is beautiful.  Everyone woman has her very own unique brand of beauty and “it” factor - but very few women seem to know how to present it.

I find women are soooooo *full* of information but very *empty* on the basics.

We’re looking for hacks and tips and “how to” instead of really understanding how makeup works and why.

What do colors that are lighter than your skin do?

What do colors darker than your skin do?

What does matte and shine do?

What do we do if we have a wider face, or slimmer face?  Or hooded eyes? Or very full lid?  Or hidden lid?

How does one adjust their makeup for daytime or night time and why?

What are the secrets to blending? 

And the very important one...How do I do makeup to my own unique bone structure?

In my online lessons and courses I teach the fundamental basics so that you understand what you’re looking at... understand your own unique features - and what you’re trying to achieve in the first place.  Then the techniques to achieve that.

Makeup is art.  A painting. It is how and why it’s applied that makes all the difference.

Once that’s done, makeup  becomes super easy - even fun… even addictive!

You can then translate any makeup that you see online, into the real world and in a way that enhances your unique features and gets results.

See I've been fortunate enough to have made up between five and twenty a people a day for nearly three decades.  That adds up to somewhere between 52,000 and 56,000 faces of makeup I've done.  

I would have to instantly know how I would apply makeup on someone that would meet the brief, but suit their features perfectly.  I came up with a system

This is how I've been able to teach thousands of women simple tricks that work... online.

I teach my simple system that works.  

To learn more about how to learn self makeup online, visit my courses page. My lessons are appropriate for all from newbies through to working TV or online makeup artists 

Or if you have questions, you can book a 10 minute zoom call with me here. Or you can email me here, with your questions.

Big love


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