How to Create Perfect Brows... 

It's no secret great eyebrows draw attention to the eyes and add a youthful look to the face....


But what does seem to be a secret is how to achieve them - without spending an hour drawing in each individual hair. 


I'm constantly being asked how I create such perfect brows.  


So I'm letting you in on my secret express brows - please don't let anyone know how easy this is.


I want to keep my reputation as a makeup magician, intact.  😂



For best results use my glorious Indelible Brow pencils check them out


Step 1.  Brush brow hair upward to prepare for trimming


Step 2.  Trim overhanging strands that are sabotaging your brow shape


Step 3.  Fill in sparse areas or gaps using tiny back and forward strokes.


Step 4.  Create the look of natural hair and avoid looking "drawn on" by brushing through again



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