How to Draw Eyeliner - Introduction






The shape you draw your eyeliner is the shape your eyes will appear.

This is because eyeliner mimics the eyelash line.

So where we draw the eyeliner, looks like our eyelashes grow.

Giving the eyeliner a flick, makes it appear that our lash line extends, making our eyes appear wider.

If the eyeliner comes down too much at the end, it appears that our eye drops down.

Below are some basic tips.


For a European or Western Shaped Eye

Most European and Western women want to elongate and "stretch" the eye out.  To achieve this I recommend:

1 Applying a very thin - razor thin - line of eyeliner all along the lash line, starting from the very inner corner and working outward,  getting as close as possible to the eye lashes.  Using a very thing eyeliner pencil will help with this.

2. Thicken the line in the outer third of eyeliner

3. Extend a fine wing outward, if desired


For an Asian Shaped Eye, and Some African Shaped Eyes

Many Asian women desire to make the eye more open or round.  To achieve this, you can try:

1. Draw a razor thin line of eyeliner along the eyelash line (Or along the inside "wet line")

2. Make the liner thickest above the very centre of the lash line,  This will give the eye a more round shape.

3. You can try making the eyeliner thicker on the inner corner of the eye.  this is particularly flattering if the eye area is a little bit "fleshy".  If the eye is fleshy, you can get away with much more eyeliner than others can.

4. Extend the eye out with a wing, if you desire it.

5. You can even use eyeliner to create a fake crease, then blend out using a soft brush such as my Smolder Brush


More visual instructions and videos are coming. but send me your questions so I know what's needed.

Big love,


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Now of course it gets more complicated than this.  We are working with a three-dimensional canvas and we all have different bone structure and the like, to work around.  If you want to really get a great understanding of the basics of makeup, sign up for my course.  Also, make sure you are signed up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page, to keep receiving very helpful tips. 

2 Responses

Jacqueline Kalab

Jacqueline Kalab

November 14, 2019

Hello Gail,

I’ve changed many a woman’s life with this tip. It seems too simple, but it works

If you follow the instructions above – drawing a razor thin line along the lash line, then only thickening the line in the outer corner – this should help.

The thinner you draw the line (and only making it thicker on the outer third, the less droopy your eyeliner will look.

Another really important trick is… I see most women stretching their eye out sideways to draw eyeliner on. This makes the eyeliner go on in a droopy way.

If you want to stretch the skin, to make drawing on easier, stretch it upward, not outward. Using one finger, gently pull the eyelid upward, and this allows you to get very close to the lashes to draw a very thin line.

Also, ensure you’re using a very thin pencil, such as the Jacqueline Kalab brand – Indelible Eyes Eyeliner. This will help the line remain as thin as possible where it needs to be.

Add a wing, out from the outer corner of the eye, if desired.

Let me know how you go.

Gail Fitzgerald Reed

Gail Fitzgerald Reed

November 14, 2019

How do older woman with drooping eyes use eyeliner without giving the impression of the eye being more droopy please ?. 🤔

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