Is This Hairstyle Trend Right for You?

Even though this sleek hair trend is gorgeous - I wanted to explain why I won't personally be using it on me - not in this form anyway - and how you can make up your own mind if it’s right for you.

I love this trend.  I LOVE fashion.  After all I started out in fashion and I create fashions.  

I've done this look on models for fashion shows.

However, I personally don’t believe that every trend is right for every individual. 

I may or may not do versions of this on my celebrity clients but I always adapt trends to the personal style and unique features of the person.

I should never say “never” but here’s why I don’t intend on using it on myself and what you may want to consider for yourself.

  • This particular trend makes your nose look larger – which in turn tends to make us look older.  I already have a large nose - well actually I don’t have a large nose I just have a small face lol - so the last thing I desire is to have my nose accentuated as a feature. (Notice the cute button nose in most of the women rocking this style) 

  • Thick hair is a sign of good health and enhances femininity and attractiveness.  A lot of what we are doing with makeup is enhancing the look of health.  Therefore, this particular trend - even though looks striking as “art” when done right - could make someone look less healthy – or at least not accentuating the look of health, put it that way.

  • This look is obviously more striking and powerful rather than soft and feminine  

  • Fashions and trends are fun and keep newness and creativity.  However, they are usually created by someone who doesn’t know me, never met me, doesn’t know my lifestyle and probably lives on the other side of the world.

Just because this style doesn’t suit me or my personal “brand” doesn’t mean it wouldn't look super cool on you or someone else.  

The point is we are all different and unique.  I think it’s great to fully understand what suits our features and personal style.

It’s definitely wonderful to have some timeless looks and mix it up with some new looks that suit our personality, features and lifestyle.

That’s why,…in my course I teach the basic principles of makeup so that you can decide for yourself - and know exactly what to do to create your personal and unique beauty that suits:

  • your lifestyle, work and play

  • your personality and style

  • your unique features and bone structure.

  • aaaaaaand, how to understand and convert trends to your advantage.

I have a passion for empowering women to create their desired results and become their own best makeup artist.

If this is something that appeals to you I highly recommend you take my course or book a one on one zoom lesson to learn self-makeup.

(I personally think every woman should take my course as a basic training for life)

You’ll probably be both amazed and shocked at how simple it can be.

Big love


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