Amazon Buyer Note

Due to our extreme quality our products have become rather popular on Amazon.   

This can bring with the problem of crooks.  Eeeeeek!


So that you can buy with confidence we want you to be aware that we are the only stockist on Amazon.  We do not supply to any other stockist. 

So if you want to purchase the most beautiful high-impact products and tools, either purchase from this website (jacquelinekalabbeauty.com) or purchase from Amazon on this link:

Click here to visit our Amazon store

Just beware of any other "offers" showing on the product listings.  They are not our products.

We want your buying experience to be wonderful

If you purchase from Amazon, feel free to contact me at any time for any help at all or even just to say "hi". 

If you need more in depth help, please provide your order number so we can look up your order.

Best regards and big love


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