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The Concealer Brush, by Jacqueline Kalab

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Why The Concealer Brush, by Jacqueline Kalab?

✔︎ Smooth and flawless concealer - applies concearler flawlessly

✔︎ Can create both a razor sharp edge or well blended edge - perfect for concealer under the eyebrow, or anywhere around under the eye.

✔︎ Perfectly applies under brow makeup 

✔︎  Multi use brush, can be used to apply any cream makeup, cream eyeshadow, or even lipstick

✔︎ Exceptional makeup artist quality.  Made in Japan by world-class brush makers.

✔︎ Short comfortable handle for ultimate control, allows you to get up close to a mirror, and conveniently fits in your makeup purse

✔︎ Super soft luxurious synthetic bristles feel divine on the skin

✔︎ Designed by celebrity makeup artist so that you don't have to be one, to get flawless makeup.

✔︎  Satisfaction guaranteed.  If for any reason, the Magic Foundation Brush doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, simply email us at info@jacquelinekalabbeauty.com, and we will organise return mail and refund.  No love lost.  

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About the brush

This brush is the official Jacqueline Kalab Concealer brush  a unique brush being that it is high-end makeup artist quality - quality that makeup artists pay hundreds of dollars for - yet specifically designed for personal use.  

While most high-end artist brushes are designed for highly detailed makeup work, that may take many hours, all of Jacqueline Kalab brushes are designed to apply makeup flawlessly, in the quickest possible time, so you can get your makeup on perfectly, and get on with your day.

Jacqueline has created the most essential brushes you need for applying your own makeup so you have all the most essential tools to create flawless and smooth makeup looks. 

The comfortable short handle provides perfect control, allows you to position up close to a mirror, and easily fits in your purse. 

They are designed to be as most multi-use as possible, so you will have a great deal of use from this brush.  In fact, you may find you use them for so many different products, you may find yourself ordering several.

While an expensive makeup will get used up, these essential brushes will be your makeup-best-friends for many years to come!

Can be used for any cream makeup: concealer, cream eyeshadow, and even lipstick!

Radically changed concealer and cream makeup application is just a brush away!

Limited stock.  Order yours today!   Click "Add To Cart" now.  

The makeup result is simply flawless.

From the first moment you hold this brush, you will be amazed by it's superior quality, the dense yet luxuriously soft superior quality synthetic hair, the well balanced, comfortable handle, the beautiful presentation and you know this is a little piece of luxury that you're about to fall in love with.  

You will notice how this miracle brush glides your foundation perfectly and effortlessly over your skin.  Makeup is smooth and flawless in a matter of seconds, whether you are a makeup guru or do not have a makeup clue, and it’s luxurious synthetic fibres won’t soak up a single drop of excess makeup.  In fact using 1/3 less makeup than normal usually gets a better result with this miracle brush!  

The super-comfortable short handle is to hold, and allows you to get right up close to a mirror so you can clearly and perfectly see what you are doing.  Not that you'll need to, as this brush  is so easy to use provides such a flawless finish to any makeup in just seconds. You'll see how it magically gets into the corners of the eyes and around your nose.  You'll wonder how you ever lived without this miracle tool. 

A cult favourite of makeup artists and celebrities.

Perfect makeup or your money back!   Start feeling confident in your makeup, order yours now! 

Limited stock! Add to cart, and order yours today.

About Jacqueline Kalab and the Brand

Jacqueline is one of the most influential, highly sought-after celebrity make up artists. Her love of the art combined with her passion to help women with their makeup struggles and insecurities led Jacqueline to create unique solutions to help women achieve wonderful results and confidence in their self-makeup.

If you ask any make up artist what items in their makeup kit, they can't live without, they will tell you it is their brushes.  However, most brushes that designed for personal use are not high enough quality to achieve a good enough result.  Almost all the high-quality brushes on the market, are designed for makeup artists, who use brushes in a totally different way, and may even have hours to do makeup.  Jacqueline Kalab has created makeup brushes that are of stunning, makeup artist quality, yet designed for speed and self-makeup use.  As most women need to get their makeup on quickly and beautifully and get on with their day. 

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