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Makeup Artist 1:1 lesson - in person or over zoom n

This is a personalised coaching lesson for makeup artists.  it generally takes about two hours.  

My two hour lessons I have taught dozens of makeup artists who've gone on the have very successful businesses   Or three already top/ celebrity makeup artists say it's completely changed the way they apply makeup.

Once you've ordered and paid, I will send you a link to my calendar, or we can talk by email/ text to arrange time.   I service both USA and Australian clients.

I will also send you a survey to specifically address any areas you most want help with.

The general structure is: (Can be altered according to your needs)

- Cover makeup basics that I have found most artists have never been taught.  This gives a new understanding to every single makeup you do - from gore to catwalk.  We cover how colour works, how light rays work, artist techniques, testing formulations.

- Then we go into advanced techniques for achieving mind blowing results and also so you can learn to translate trends into real life

- Then we can cover anything from

growing your business,

how to deal with celebrities, 

How to speed up your work

What area of work you'd like to do more of

What kit items to invest in

Branding your business

Hair basics

Any other area whatsoever you would like coaching in

Two hours alone will completely transform the way you look and apply makeup.  I advise you go away and apply what you've learned and only book another 2 hours lesson when ready.  

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