Mini Master Class How a Celebrity Makeup Artist Gets Ready for a Zoom Call in 5 Minutes

In this video tutorial below☟I give away some of my best celebrity makeup tips.

You will learn:

- The best way to apply foundation for a zoom call or online meeting

- Makeup looks to suit mature skin or hooded eyes

- How to do a perfect smoky eye in seconds

- How to apply eyeliner for the most youthful, bright or sexy eyes

- Tips to quick but amazing hair looks

- Tips for applying lipstick and lip liner

- How to use makeup brushes

- How to apply beautiful blush for your face shape

Big love

PS. These tips also work perfectly for a zoom date, not just for work


Time Stamps

00.30 - Hair fix basics - no hair dry professional looking hair tips

05.38 - Start Makeup Lesson

05.50 - Eyeliner basis

08.40 & 10.44 - Using Smudger brush to hide fine lines

11.45 - Foundation for youthful and natural look

- colour tips for zoom

12.00 - 3 different ways to use the Magic Foundation Brush

12.30 How to use Two colours of foundation for youthful natural look

14.28 - How to do 10 second eye shadow to create youthful looking eyes

14.40 Using the Smolder Eye Shadow Brush for flawless eyeshadow

16.40 - Second color eyeliner - intensifying

17.38 - Creating High cheekbones with the Glow Brush & blush

18.50 - 3D Lip Liner - for full lips

19.26 - Lipstick

20.11 - Finalise touches to hair

21.40 - EyeBrows

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