Youthful looking makeup! 5 great tips!

Could makeup making you look older or drawn on?  


1. Use high coverage foundation but only use a teensy tiny bit then spread it far

A common misconception is that tinted moisturizer or low coverage foundation will look more natural. The problem is that makeup then must be “piled” on to give any sort of coverage. The result can be an unnatural, patchy, sticky, blotchy, even aging look.

I’m going to give you one of my best celebrity/ tv makeup artist tips…

Opt for the highest coverage you possibly can, then use a tiniest amount then spread it far (blend, blend, blend). The result is flawless coverage that does not look like you have a drop of makeup on.

With my Liquid Silk Opulence Foundation I recommend starting with a rice-grain sized amount for your entire face and blend out. Layer using the same technique to any areas you’d like more coverage.

2  Blend blend blend

One of the biggest differences between a makeup artist and a non-makeup artist is blending.  

Be your own best makeup artist by really blending and "massaging" your makeup products into your skin until it's “part of the skin”

Unblended makeup can have a “drawn on” appearance as well as magnify fine lines. 

Be sure to blend edges of eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, etc - so you can’t see where it starts or ends. 

My Magic Foundation Brush, Glow Brush, and Perfect Eye Brush Set are perfect for flawless blending.

3. Invest in reply good basics

Invest in the basics that you use all the time, and avoid spending much money on experimental eye colours and the like.

To get an idea of what your personal good basics are, look at the colours in eye palettes and the like that you seem to use up while neglecting the other colors. These will tend to be the colors that really suit you and your lifestyle.

A little like a wardrobe of clothes where really good basics make all the difference so does great basics for makeup.

I recommend 1 - 2 really great color eyeshadows, 1 really perfect blush, beautiful foundation, great mascara, and quality easy-to-use eyeliner in colors you can wear at all times. 1 all rounder lip liner. These items are worth the splurge.

For wild, "fashion" or experimental colors or trends, I recommend purchasing inexpensive versions until they earn their investment. 

4. Avoid shimmer around the eyes - especially in eyeliner

Shimmer is like shining a flashlight. It is extremely beautiful when use on flattering areas such as cheekbones and forehead. However when used on lined areas we may as well be shining a light on our lines. I’ll never understand why it gets put in eyeliner - oh apart from to hypnotise us into buying.

Use eyeliner containing no shimmer at all, and preferably with a fine point to get nice and close to lashes. The idea of eyeliner is to “thicken” and darken up the lash line - make lashes appear thicker. 

5. Use the best quality brushes you can get your hands on

When we see a beautiful painting, we don't usually wonder what brand of paint was used to achieve such a beautiful painting.  We know it was the way the paint was applied that achieved such a great result.  

This is why makeup artists invest many thousands into good brushes - they affect the way the makeup is applied.

Legendary makeup artist Kevyn Acoin was quoted as saying "With good brushes you can use dirt and make it look good.

I designed these brushes to be expert quality, only designed for self-use - multi-purpose and designed to get you celebrity results easily and fast.


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