How to Make Your Eyeliner Pencil Last Perfectly, All Day

Our eyeliner pencils are one of our absolute best sellers - customers buy up several at a time, worried that we might go out of stock.

But there as this is a luxurious, smooth-glide formula, oil-based products can have an affect on them. Most of our customers like this, though, as it means it can be removed easily, with oil-based products, without being harsh to the skin.

I'm posting some tips below on how to get maximum staying power from theses amazing Indelible Eyes Eyeliner Pencil, by Jacqueline Kalab .   I hope it helps. : )

*Oils are the Enemy to Longlasting Eyeliner*

All makeup products must have an enemy that dissolves it, otherwise we wouldn't be able to remove it. This pencil can begin to "melt", or move, when it comes into contact with oils. Makeup remover oil, natural skin oils, and often moisturizer contains oils that dissolve the pencil as well. If someone is particularly prone to skin oils, or if their moisturizer is rich, this can have the same effect as a makeup remover, and dissolve/ breakdown the pencil.

*If You Tend to Have Oily Moisturizer or Skin, This is What We Can Do*

1. Clean off excess oils/ cleanser/ moisturizer, before applying eyeliner, using a wipe or a tissue. (Ensure any wipes do not leave a residue that could break down your makeup)

2. Apply blotting powder or powder eyeshadow after applying the pencil. Then optionally going over with the pencil again for intensity.

3. Blotting excess oils off the eyelid throughout the day, with tissue or blotting powder

*Maybe Apply Eyeliner Before Powder Eyeshadow*

This may seem counter-intuitive, your pencil might glide more smoothly if applied before any powder products, such as eyeshadow. Powder can sort of "set" the pencil as it's being applied and prevent it from gliding. I personally do this trick on myself - I apply pencil, then eyeshadow, then I may go over my pencil again for intensity.

This has the added benefit of more easily being able to map out and perfect your eyeliner, before it sets.

*Replace the Cap Securely to Keep the Eyeliner Smooth To The Last Drop*

The packaging of the Indelible Eyes, by Jacqueline Kalab, is especially designed to keep your pencil fresh and smooth right down to the last drop.

As you would know this pencil "sets", so it's important to replace the cap on your pencil so s to keep your pencil gliding beautifully If exposed to air, the surface of the pencil could "set" and affect how well it applies in future.

If this does happen, or you accidentally leave the cap off, you can break off the exposed/ dried out tip of the pencil, and wind out the still-good portion underneath.

*To Remove Indelible Eyes Eyeliner Easily Use Oil-based Makeup Remover*

Oil-based skin care, that is safe for the eyes, is the best for removing Indelible Eyes Eyeliner Pencil. Many customers report even using coconut oil with great success, by massaging on, then tissuing off until all eye makeup is removed, then following with the normal skin care routine.

I hope the above tips might be of some help. I hope to service you well into the future. Please rely back to this email and let me know if this helped you, at all, of if there is some way i can help you further.

What do you think?

All the very best,



PS. If you have any further questions, suggestions, feel free to contact me directly jk@jacacquelinekalab.com  

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