What Concealer Should I Use On Mature Skin?


As a makeup artist to celebrities and teach mature makeup, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to do concealer and which product to use. 

Believe it or not, concealer is the most skilled part of makeup to learn - in so far as there are a couple of advanced tricks involved in doing a really great job.

And , depending on what you want the concealer for (just the dark circle part, or the whole under eye) and how you use it will affect what brand to use.


Eye Foundation Just For The Eye Area

I use on all my clients, Laura Mercier Eye Basics. You have to spread and blend it fast, as it sets! It can look a little weird at first, till you get your other makeup on, but it’s like a foundation for the eye area. Best thing!

Then Foundation on the Face 

After that, I apply foundation all around the face, as usual. 

Then Concealer on Just  Specifically on the Problem Spot 

THEN, if there is any dark circle showing, then I apply Kryolan brand concealer (salmon/ orange colour) and using my Concealer Brush JUST on the part that is dark. Don’t let it get anywhere else - only the part that is dark and tap it into the skin, to blend it.  The bush can be turned sideways to create a razor sharp lin of concealer just wear you need it, on the dark circle part.

There are a few beautiful concealers - Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Eve Pearl, YSL...  The Kryolan concealer is super powerful, though.  Only use it if you can contol yourself to pick up a tiny amount of concealer at a time.  

Setting The Makeup

Once perfect, set with blotting powder such as Mac blot powder. 


Let me know what concealer you love.


There you have it x



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