How To Apply Foundation - Three Easy Ways - Using The Magic Foundation Brush, by Jacqueline Kalab

Read these directions and watch the video below.  ❤︎

A. If using liquid foundation, take a small about and place it on the back of your hand.  

You may find you need less product, using the Magic Foundation Brush, so I recommend starting small.  You can always add more.

B. Dipping or swirling the brush into the foundation, collect up some of your product

C. Use one of the methods below, or a combination, apply foundation to your face, starting toward the centre of the face, and blending it outward.  

The centre of our face is where we generally need the most coverage, and this avoids too much product near our hairline.

The different methods:

1. Paint like strokes, painting the foundation in downward motion

2. Massage, massage, massage using circular strokes.  Keep the brush in contact with the skin (avoid lifting it off the skin).  This is my favorite and most recommended method as it gets the best, most flawless blend. (Airbrushed type finish)

3. Pressing or patting/ dabbing motion.  This will give the highest coverage of foundation.  You can use this method to create extra coverage for targeted areas where needed.


You can also use your Magic Foundation Brush to go straight to: setting powder, blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter.  Some people even use it for eyeshadow, moisturizer and primer.  


Let me know how you go, or if you have any questions.  Email me info@jacquelinekalabbeauty.com or through the contact form on this website  : )

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