How to Use Liquid Silk Opulence Foundation, by Jacqueline Kalab

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips

One main thing master makeup artists do differently is we use very very highly pigmented, concentrated makeup.  We use a tiny amount, then blend, blend, blend and spread it far.   This achieves very effective and beautiful results, that look amazingly natural.  Like you woke up stunning.

However, much of the makeup on the domestic (non-makeup artist) market is made to be very "safe".  You can dig into the product like you're digging for gold, pile it on the face, and won't make much difference.  One can't mess it up too much.  If you blend it, it blends away to nothing.  It won't get you results, but one can't mess it up either.

Liquid Silk Opulence is a highly concentrated makeup, to get you beautiful even results.  However, as it looks like skin.  It's very easy to use too much.  Try using 1/4 than what you would normally use, blend, blend, blend, then add more, if needed.

Basic Tips

1. Dispense a tiny amount of Liquid Silk Opulence onto the back of your hand, or other surface

2. Dip your brush into the product, and starting with the centre of your face, spread and blend outward. (Or apply to your face with fingers, brush or sponge)

(We tend to need more coverage closer the the centre of our face, and can sort of blend the foundation to nothing around the edges of our face)

3. It is very easy to apply too much of this foundation, because it looks like skin!  Start with a tiny amount and blend, blend blend.  You can always add more.

Ask yourself if you have achieved the coverage you want, not whether or not you can see makeup.  Add a little more to areas you would like more coverage.  

4.  Ensure all your edges are blended so you can't see with the makeup starts or ends

Then add your shine product onto your cheeks and forehead.  (I have a special shine product coming soon!!)

Note:  For best results, use the Magic Foundation Brush.  Just as if you attempted to paint a wall with a cotton bud, the type of brush you use to apply makeup can make the world of difference to how even makeup is applied.

Using My Simple Two-Color Technique (For Natural-Looking Foundation)

1. Start with the color that you are most at the moment - for example, if you have a tan, start with your darker color, if you are on your fairer side, start with your lighter match.

This is because some will be left on your brush and mix to the other area.  If you start with light, some light will end up in the "darker" areas, and vice verse.

2. Blend out each color perfectly before going on to the next color.  Avoid doing stripes like you see on social.

3. The colors with overlap, that is perfectly fine and this is what you want.

4. Once you've finished, check and adjust to your liking.

Apply your lighter color:

- Along what I refer to as the "pretend beard" area - that is along your jawline, around your mouth

- Creep a little bit of the lighter color up beside your nose (either side) and up under the eye where we can be a little "sunken"

- Tiniest bit in the middle of the forehead - on the "middle eye" - where the forehead meets your nose

Ensure it is all fully blended out so you can't see where any edges are

Apply Your Darker Color:

- On either side of your forehead, particularly where the bone protrudes the most (you can feel your forehead to understand what I mean)

- Down on to your cheeks 

- From your cheeks, work your way across your nose.

- Anywhere else the sun kisses


Ensure all your edges are blended so you can see with the makeup starts or ends.  


All mineral foundations have a tendency to show detail of the skin.  This foundation shows very little and photographs beauuuutifully.  However. if you every feel as though you're looking too "detailed" close up, it is likely your skin is a little dry.  You can try using an oil-based moisturiser underneath.   (I like using the tiniest bit of organic butter.  It's full of lactic acid and wonderful for the skin)

Let me know below, or by email, if you have any questions or comments! jk@jacquelinekalab.com

Big love, 


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Shelley Powell

Shelley Powell

April 23, 2023

Can you make a suggestion for me as the light and dark foundation to use. I am 68, with “mature” skin. I exfoliate every morning. My skin is fair.



October 08, 2020

can’t wait to try this out.
Check 4. under Basic Tips I think you mean to say ‘blend so you can’t see where the makeup starts or ends …?

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