Mascara - Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil

This mascara is beautiful.  I find that it helps lashes become a little healthier than using other mascaras, too.

This mascara does take slightly longer to dry, so you may want a cotton bud (Q-tip) nearby to catch any spots.

But it does last a LOT longer throughout the day, than any mascara I've tried. (No more panda eyes).

To Apply:

When I use it, I like to keep brushing the mascara through the lashes as it dries - so that it has a sort of "hairspray" effect to lift the lashes - especially in the outer corner lashes where we want the most lift for a euro eye.  Or, in the case of an Asian eye, you may want to create most lift in the middle area of lashes.

I find it actually works even better when it's not entirely brand new, and starts to thicken up in the tube.

To Remove:

I find the most effective way to remove this mascara, is with coconut oil, as long as you don't have allergies to it, or anything.  Do not use water until after they mascara/ eye makeup has been fully removed.

1. Massage a small amount of coconut oil over the eye makeup to dissolve the makeup and then very gently wipe away with a tissue or soft cloth.  

2. Repeat until all eye makeup is fully removed.

3. Then wash face as you would normally

Big love


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